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About Earth Day to May Day

Earth Day to May Day 2021 builds on previous “Earth Day to May Day” celebrations of our planet and mobilization of the power of the working class. As we confront the ongoing pandemic, we are using to safely register our activities – both in-person and online – and to prepare our communities and movements for the coming decisive decade.

Recent History

Working people have a long history of joining together to demand and create healthy communities and safe workplaces, and to protect life and the living world around us. Our Earth Day to May Day tradition comes out of that history and is now in its third wave. 

The first wave of Earth Day to May Day began in Wisconsin in 1995 with a coalition of 105 labor, environmental, community, farmer, and student organizations. The Wisconsin Earth Day to May Day Coalition organized statewide annually for the next ten years, and then took a step back to support the historic 2006 May 1st “Day Without An Immigrant” general strikes.

The Global Climate Convergence initiated the second wave of Earth Day to May Day mobilizations at a union hall in Chicago in 2014. Over the following three years, Earth Day to May Day events took place in communities worldwide. Most of these events were led by youth and/or by poor people’s organizations and were intended to build awareness of the call for a global climate strike.

The third wave of Earth Day to May Day events began with a new North American coalition of labor, youth, and community organizations and unions in 2020 and continues on with us this year. Join us!